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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The 2019 summer heat waves and drought stretched the traditional 40-day “Dog Days of summer” well into late October here in the Chattanooga Valley.  During the days of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, when people used the night sky to track the seasons, Sirius, the Dog Star, appeared at the time of the expected onset of the hottest season of the solar year.

After two previous summers with reasonable summer temperatures and rainfall, we were challenged to beat the prolonged Dog Days at St Francis Cottage.  Here’s the countdown on how we survived:


Took a stroll across the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge


Chilled with our favorite (and only) dog



Savored the sweet fragrance of ginger lilies as they bloomed in August-September



Tried coconut milk soup for the first time at our favorite Thai Restaurant – so delicious!



Discovered that the “girls” have begun laying!



Stopped to observe a butterfly on a late-blooming zinnia



Stopped to admire the Spider Lilies as they bloomed in mid-September



Ran into old and new friends at a downtown concert, rocked out at a Woodstock commemorative concert, and spent a few Saturday nights at Riverside nights

Wallace, Morris Thuku (Kenya), Nancy, & a student from 
Tennessee Institute of Information Technology(TIIT)-THUKU School (KENYA)

"The Pool" playing at Songbirds North Stage


Hosted a “Women of Hutton Legal – Tour of the World Lock-In Party” at St Francis Cottage with the best co-workers ever!

 Nancy, Caren, Brenda, Sue, Gabby, Taylor, Megan, Sydney,
 (Janette was not able to attend due to illness)


Visited with the most amazing SFC guests!!

Visiting family playing Corn Hole






Fall 2019 brought “first days” for all our family members, which we found fun and amusing!

Grandsons Jayvin and Jersey at their first day of a moms-out program:
E-man & Big Guy

Granddaughters Grace and Amelia on their first days of 5th and 3rd grade at their French Immersion School in Canada:

Grace & Amelia

Son-in-law Phil’s first day in his new office building in downtown Winnipeg:

(Not sure what the Spritz truck is all about)

Daughter Hannah eating a carrot on her way to her first day as a music teacher at the Freedom International School:


Our son, Michael, starting law school in August.


Friday, Nov. 1 – Saturday, Nov. 2
Free – Chattanooga Riverpark

Saturday, Nov. 2 – Sunday, Nov. 3
Free – Ross’s Landing Downtown Chattanooga

Saturday, Nov. 2 to Nov 30 – 11:15 am
Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center
Donation recommended

Saturday, Nov 9 – 6pm-9pm
First TN Pavilion downtown Chattanooga

Saturday, Nov 23
50th Anniversary of “Abbey Road”
The Signal - 6:30 pm

Sunday, Nov 24
First TN Pavilion - Chattanooga Market


Saturday, December 7
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