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Monday, April 17, 2017


The CARDINAL ROOM all dressed up and ready to go!

As we gazed upon box after box after box of stored items along with all the furniture, we didn’t see how we could pull it all together to open in time for our first guest’s arrival.  Then, the Clemens Rescue Team arrived from the Greater Indianapolis area and immediately started working.  My sister Connie; brother, Joe; and sister-in-law, Jenny were a dynamic hurricane of HELP as they tackled one project after another.

Jenny scaling the heights of the laundry.

Connie and Jenny are both avid readers, so they set up our library and sorted through boxes of books.  Jenny laundered loads of sheets and towels and neatly stacked them in the linen closet while Connie and I figured out the final room arrangements with art work.  Joe used his career engineering and management skills to fix dressers, extend an iron bed, assemble a large fireplace and many other fix-it projects.

Joe engineering some repairs to an antique desk sliding support mechanism.

Along with their incredible work ethic, they brought loads of fun and laughter to St Francis Cottage, which was the best medicine in the midst of business-opening stress.  We can never thank Joe, Jenny and Connie enough for their generous support, and we’re looking forward to hosting the annual Clemens Family Reunion in July and reminiscing about the pre-opening push.  To top it all off, they sent a gorgeous flower arrangement on our opening day, which lit up the great room with bright spring color!

A much needed lunch break!  (Joe, Jenny, Connie, & Nancy)

Floral encouragement on our opening day!
As we were scrambling to finish up last-minute tasks on opening day, our daughter Hannah and husband Phil, along with Grace, Amelia and Jayvin sang a song they made up about St Francis Cottage via Skype.  It was the perfect time-out during the frenzy, and their love, support, smiles and song were such a huge gift.  Our son Michael texted thoughtful notes, called, and sent a surprise congratulatory box from California to wish us well, and his dry humor always prompts enormous laughter; just what we needed!

Phil, foster son Jayvin, Hannah, Amelia & Grace

Wallace and I believe that our first guests, Chuck and Linda from Orlando, were dropped straight down from heaven.  We newbie innkeepers were at first intimidated to discover Chuck’s hotel and hospitality background and Linda’s website design expertise, however, they both put us at ease with their kind, encouraging words and supportive advice.  They are such an intelligent, adventurous, energetic and fun couple who explored downtown Chattanooga like pioneers tackling the frontier.

Linda, Chuck, Bella, & Taco enjoying morning coffee on the back deck overlooking the gardens.

Their adorable Chihuahuas, Taco and Bella, provided great entertainment with their cute canine gestures.  Having Chuck and Linda as first guests made the past years of planning and work all worth it and brought home why we chose to become innkeepers during our Golden Years.

The MONARCH ROOM awaiting your arrival

The GREAT ROOM, center for relaxing and conversation

If you’re planning a spring, summer, fall or winter getaway, please consider staying at St Francis Cottage.  We have a fun and informative wine tasting evening scheduled for Saturday, May 6th, hosted by wine connoisseurs Doug and Ellen Hamm.  We’d absolutely love for you to join us!

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  1. You guys sure are having fun. Its good to see that everyone is enjoying to the fullest and is having a great time. Hoping to see more posts from you.