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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Looking back on HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHTS for 2019-2020 while in the midst of Uncertain COVID-19 Times

This vibrant display of blueberry bushes spiked last November, creating a natural welcome for the then upcoming Holidays:
Here we are in the second month of uncertainty because of the Coronavirus and COVID-19.  The only certainty is that every day brings some new challenge for us and for so many that are truly struggling with this pandemic.  We pray for all of you - family, guests, and friends - as you each face different challenges.  We pray for your well-being and health and safety.  We also pray you'll quickly be reunited with everyone you love and have missed.

So far, we've been able to stay healthy and keep the Cottage open.  We've seen a number of folks moving back home, across the country, as well as some more local folks still wanting to get away to a trusted environment.

Per the CDC directions, we have implemented additional sanitation routines and as much "social distancing" as is possible.  All are still welcome as long as we remain open.

We wanted to share with you some of the joys of this past year, thus this blog.

We always enjoy decorating St Francis Cottage for seasonal holidays, and Christmas is by far our favorite time of year.

An early February 2020 snowfall covered the grounds with a winter wonderland:


Nancy joined several co-workers for an evening creating Holiday floral arrangements at The Clay Pot’s annual Holiday Workshop on Chattanooga’s North Shore, compliments of Karen Hutton, the generous CEO of Hutton, where Nancy works during the week.


And we enjoyed Hutton’s annual Holiday Party at the Hunter Museum of Art, with a special surprise of certain legal department co-workers Flash-Mob dancing with Chattanooga’s Pop Up Project.   ← Check out the link!!   Who says work can’t also be FUN?!


We utterly enjoyed our week-long stay in Key Largo where we celebrated a belated Christmas and New Year with our family.  From a dolphin show to exploring the Everglades (and a lot in between), we savored every moment.  Our son Michael stayed in San Francisco during his short break during his first year of law school, so we caught up over a 3-hr./37-minute phone call!  We hope to see him sometime this year.


Our sister-in-law, Jenny Clemens from Chicago, recently sent us these awesome custom pillow cases that she embroidered for our guest rooms, adding a warm touch to the Cottage.  Thank you for this labor-of-love, Jenny!


Wallace’s DIY project-for-the-year at St Francis Cottage was installing a 100-Jet Everlast Indulgence Spa and building an adjacent 7’ x 12’ deck  and a 6' x 12' landing and stairs for our guests’ enjoyment.  The entire process was a continual learning experience since we’ve never owned a hot tub or a pool, but Wallace figured it out and it’s IN!  We hope it will provide relaxation and relief for our guests after a long day of hiking or sight-seeing in the Scenic City.  Here is a visual synopsis of the process, from start-to-finish (double-click the video window to go full screen with the video):

TILL NEXT TIME!   Stay safe and healthy!

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