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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Home Grown Recipes!

Egg & Veggie Tostada and Michael's Egg Stack

Fresh Ingredients for Egg and Veggie Tostada at St Francis Cottage
Fresh Ingredients make this Egg and Veggie Tostada the taste treat that it is!

Egg & Veggie Tostada

Egg and Veggie Tostadas are a staple of the Braud household diet.  After a long day’s work on our mini-farm, we’ll often throw a couple of flour tortillas on the cast iron grille, grate some cheese, stir fry whatever veggies we have on hand in organic olive oil with some fresh garlic and herbs, and scramble a couple of farm-fresh eggs.  Voila!  A healthy meal that uber-satisfies without making us feel stuffed.   We can’t wait to share our favorite go-to, anytime meal with you!  (Read More for Michael's Egg Stack)


Hard to resist, Michael's Egg Stack for breakfast or brunch at St Francis Cottage
Hard to resist, Michael's Egg Stack for breakfast or brunch!  

Our son Michael made this memorable meal for me on Mother’s Day 2004, when we lived in Atlanta.  He was only a Junior in high school, and he surprised me after an exhausting work day at King & Spalding, an Atlanta law firm.   I felt so very loved, and I will never, ever forget his kindness and thoughtfulness!  He repeated it for my birthday while visiting from Berkeley during Christmas 2015, and Wallace captured this photo!


Black beans
Small flour tortillas
Sliced Pepper Jack cheese


The day before, cook black beans, onions, pepper and garlic in crock pot.  Cool overnight in refrigerator so the black beans will be on the thick side.

Slice Avocados

Heat Salsa

Fry eggs over light, or poach them, so yolks are runny.

In a tin can, layer beans, eggs, salsa, avocados and repeat layers.  

Place tins in a Dutch oven or pressure cooker to heat through. 

Place a small flour tortilla on grill and melt a slice of pepper jack cheese on top.

Add egg-bean stack and top with fresh chopped parsley.


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  1. They look delicious and i cant wait to make some! In hindsight what a wonderful and thoughtful son you have! you're very lucky!