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Saturday, July 30, 2016


St Francis Figure from our logo. Copper foil "leading"
construction with copper patina. About 8" tall.

I’ve always admired the art of Stained Glass.  But until recently taking a class and risking cut fingers, I never realized the intricacies and techniques required to make the glass come to life.  Nancy and I were attending the AVA Gallery Hop in 2015 and visited Visions Gallery on Main St.  While there we found out that owner, Carolyn Insler, was going to start teaching classes for beginning aspirants.  So, I signed up.

Copper Foil tape, comes in a variety of widths and colors

of adhesive backing. Used to adhere the solder to the joints

between the glass pieces.

Lead came, comes in a variety of sizes and channel

I found out that there are basically two main techniques, copper foil based and lead (came) based construction . . . and a million variations on those two themes.  My first project in copper foil ended up being the logo figure for the Bed and Breakfast (See above). Later on my own, I created a second one and modified the pieces to make the forming a bit easier.

St Francis Figure.  The purple glass in this project is
from a salvaged church window and from a suncatcher
found with a metal detector buried in our backyard.

My next series of lessons at Visions Gallery were in lead construction.  I designed a descending dove surrounded by seasonal colors.  About half way through I had to simplify the design because my pattern was too difficult for a neophyte stained glass worker.  The results are pictured here.

Original Descending Dove Pattern for Leaded Came Art Piece St Francis Cottage
Original Pattern (I designed the dove around 30 years ago.)

About halfway through the process of assembling Descending Dove Stained Glass piece
About halfway through the process.

Finished construction before putty and soldering of Descending Dove Stained Glass piece
Finished construction before putty and soldering.
You can see how I had to simplify the tail design.

Finished Descending Dove piece hanging in the window.
Finished Descending Dove hanging in the window. 11 1/2 in.  x 11 1/2 in.

On my own, I designed a copper foil piece based on a photograph that I had of a Rose of Sharon similar to the bush at our back door.  I learned a lot about what not to do building this project, but I was pleased with the outcome nonetheless.

Photo inspiration for Rose of Sharon stained glass design by Wallace Braud
Photo inspiration for stained glass design.

Copper Foiling over the original pattern of Rose of Sharon Stained Glass piece.
Copper Foiling over the original pattern.

About halfway through the foiling process on Rose of Sharon Stained Glass piece.
About halfway through the foiling process.

Finished Rose of Sharon project. 11 1/2 in. x 11 1/2 in.

A couple other sources of inspiration and education have come from Milly Frances at Everything Stained Glass and from watching this amazing stained glass artist, known on YouTube as karalnz demonstrate proper techniques.

We hope to be able to offer these and other objets d'art in our gift corner at St Francis Cottage.  Not sure, yet, what we will have, but I can assure you it will be an eclectic mix.

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